Yuletide:FOSAD appeals for airlines and bus transport fares


Yuletide:FOSAD appeals for airlines and bus transport fares

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As the festive season approaches, the Forum of South-East Academic Doctors (FOSAD) is reaching out to airlines and bus companies, appealing for a pocket-friendly transport fares to South East Nigeria.
This request comes as a response to the economic challenges faced by many individuals and families; especially during the Christmas season when journey to be with loved ones is of paramount importance.
The spirit of Christmas is synonymous with togetherness and family reunions. However, the exorbitant cost of transportation poses a significant barrier to those who wish to travel to the South East to celebrate with their families and friends.
As a result, FOSAD is urging airlines and bus companies to consider the following points when charging transport fare in this yuletide season:

1. Economic Strain: Many individuals and families have faced economic challenges in 2023, and the inflated transportation costs only exacerbate these difficulties. Reducing fares would enable more people to travel and partake in the joyous holiday celebrations.
2. Enhancing Social Connection: The Christmas season is a time for families to come together and celebrate their shared traditions. Affordable transportation would contribute to strengthening social bonds by allowing more people to partake in these joyous occasions.

3. Community Well-Being: Lowering transport fare aligns with the spirit of community support and corporate social responsibility. It demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of the community by facilitating the movement of people during this special time of the year.
4. Boosting Local Economy: Affordable transportation can stimulate economic activities in the South East by encouraging increased travel, tourism, and local spending. This would have a positive impact on local businesses and contribute to the overall economic development of the region.
FOSAD as a pan Igbo association believes that by reducing transport fares, transport companies would not only contribute to the festive spirit but also make a meaningful difference in the lives of many individuals who aspire to spend the holidays with their loved ones in the South East.
We also encourage the five state governors of the South East and public spirited Ndigbo to provide free/subsidized buses that will convey Ndigbo to and fro major cities of Nigeria.
In the spirit of Christmas, we appeal to security agencies to avoid extortion and harassment of road travelers to the South East. The five state governors of the South East must ensure adequate security of lives and properties during the Christmas festivities.
FOSAD appreciates Ndigbo who have been donating buses to convey their people home at no cost in the past. We pray God almighty to bless and replenish you for the sacrifice you make for humanity.

Dr. Uzor Ngoladi
Secretary-General, FOSAD