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Zamfara: The voice of Men is God’s voice, Gov Dauda getting the popular voice


Zamfara: The voice of Men is God’s voice, Gov Dauda getting the popular voice

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By Tom Garba

An African adage says the Voice of Men is God’s voice. This proverb reminded me of a Choice of Man by the majority of the people of Zamfara State. The vast majority of voters cast on the March election of Governorship this year have decided on Dr. Dauda Lawal Dare because of his passion, love, and zeal he has for humanity whatever he goes.

Dauda’s principles of believing in the will and the power of God know that power belongs to Him and gives at will to whoever he wishes and desires it to.
 During his campaign and pre-campaign activities, this has been his drive.

As the saying goes:” One with God is one with the Majority, he held onto God and got the Victory, the mandate of the people of Zamfara whose voices are God’s.

No wonder the Performing Governor despite the ruling of the appeal court in Abuja remains focused and calm to whatever God started good in his life He will finish it to the end. It’s a temporary setback that will finally nail down the power of the opposition whose desire to lead again has been rejected by the popular voters of Zamfara State.

To me and Many out there, Dauda is confident, is more hopeful, and certain that the rerun election in three local governments as Declared by the Court is a work over. Is going to be protest votes against the APC party which candidate the people vehemently rejected. It will be a confirmation that it is him and only him this time around. 

For people like Bello Mutawalle, the immediate past Governor of the State, it’s a wounded Lion who is gasping for air in the political scheme of things in Zamfara State.

Mutawalle is more of a dying horse whose Glory is in Zamfara politics it is time for him and a calling by people to leave the stage of politics because he has been tested and found wanting.

Nothing more he will give and nothing less he will deduct from the management spectrum of the state he has ruled for four years. If he had done so well, it would not have been a struggle for him to come back despite his glaring efforts to rig out Dauda as an incumbent Governor.

Dauda is the Governor of Zamfara State by the Popular voices of men and women who have voiced out during the governorship election. Indeed the voice of Men is the voice of God, and one with God is one with the popular majority.

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