Kuriga released Sch pupils: How ransom was paid with 36 Ghana must go Bags loaded with money-leaked audio


Kuriga released Sch pupils: How ransom was paid with 36 Ghana must go Bags loaded with money-leaked audio

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A trending leaked audio of Mallam Murtala with his friend revealed that eighteen motorcycles ridden by bandits were in Danjibga junction and each received two Ghana must-go bags loaded with money to secure the release of Kuriga school children who were kidnapped a few weeks ago.

Murtala described as a game of organized crime carried out by political bandits in broad daylight.

Mustala narrated that an unknown Man came with a tainted jeep to the very eyes of many people from Kuchere to DanJibga have seen how he hired a commercial Motorcycle bike (Kabu-Kabu) from Dan Jibga and zoomed to the Bush.

According to him the Man spent six days in the bush, came back and had a meeting with the village head of Danjibga who introduced him to the Military senior officer stationed there, and later boarded a vehicle back to Kucheri where his tainted jeep was left.

Murtala’s conversation in Hausa language revealed that two days after the man’s departure, eighteen tainted vehicles including Hilux with “Ghana Must go” bags, and three bullion Vans were in Danjibga and headed toward ungwan Gero, turned to the West direction of ungwan Marafa.

He said they drove close to two mountains where streams are to the eyes of everyone around fetching waters for domestic use, others coming from farms carryifirewoodire woods, and a convoy of thirty armed Fulanis Men on motorcycles came down from the mountain’s site.

“Eyes witnessed in those communities told me that eighteen motorcycles were given two bags of money each making thirty-six bags of Ghana must go.” Murtala narrated

The convoy of bullion Vans met with the military officers in Danjibga and headed to Wanke road until yesterday (the day Kuriga kidnapped school pupils released) and we saw thirty-eight other vehicles with military officers giving them back up carrying them.

Murtala in his narration through a telephone conversation with his friend on record Said:

“They stopped in a filing station in Danjibga very close to my house where the released students were refreshed and ate what they wanted. They were all waving our hands and while we were reigning curses saying:” Allah Ya issa”, God will judge whoever organized this crime.

“May I say that, it was a game, an organized crime by the Military officers, the government officials, and the Fulani criminals. What even surprised me was the news I heard on BBC the reporter reported that the Military had rescued. How? Where was the rescue by the Military officers? This country will not stop amazing with weird and strange happenings.

“We are in a mess in this country. Don’t be surprised that the money used to pay for rescuing these pupils is doubled. In this country, nothing criminal is possible. You can imagine the stealing, of thirty-six bags of Ghana Must Go which were filled to the brim, oh my God the stealing was too much if the public funds were doubled to pay for the ransom.

“What I’m telling you is that all the people from Ungwan Kucheri, Geiro, Wanke, and Danjibga saw this movement with our very eyes. It’s not a story tale, it’s something we all witnessed in a day broad light. My Brother the whole thing was like a firm, scam a stage dram but real and glaring to our very eyes. No doubt about it government is aware of all the kidnapping activities, it’s another way of stealing public funds.

“May I also tell you that the striking deals and all the movement late Sheik Gumi’s Son was among them. He was around during the payment, and we saw him.

“We want the world to know, this has happened in our own very eyes and Let all the media expose it. I owned up to it and I stand by what I said and saw.

“May God punish those commercializing our lives with bandits.”

This audio is coming up in total disagreement with what the government is saying in some quarters of the media that no ransom was paid for the release of the school pupils.

Kuriga is a community in Birnin Gwari Local Government area of Kaduna where the school children were kidnapped while their released and ransom according to the leaked audio was paid in Kucheri, a community under Dan Jibga District of Zamfara State.